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Sara Saad Beauty

My passion for makeup and beauty started at a young age. I will always remember watching my mother prepare for her Saturday nights out with my father. She went for a bold and glamorous look: a swipe of red, a dusting of blue, and a smudge of rouge. I always loved that she continued to make glamour a priority as she grew older.


When I moved into my teenage years, I realized that beauty is an act, a behavior we choose to engage in. We must actively take care of ourselves, actively feel beautiful. As an adult, my interest in cosmetics became my passion.


My experience with cosmetics was nuanced by my culturally diverse childhood. I spent my early life in Sierra Leone, West Africa and my teenage years in Lebanon. I haven’t simply experienced multiple cultures, I have lived within them. This has given me an appreciation for all types of beauty. The fact that my clients come from different backgrounds is exciting to me as an artist as it gives me the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.


Sierra Leone, Lebanon, and America have shaped my understanding of cosmetics. In West Africa, a vibrant and colorful world, the women embrace the full spectrum of natural and raw beauty. In Lebanon, the women are focused on the sultry, Arabian look. When I came to America, I began to appreciate the simplicity of the all-American style.


I have learned to blend these three sensibilities in my work. I always start with an appreciation for my client’s natural beauty and gently enhance her features. My goal as a professional makeup artist is to inspire a passion for self-care and beauty in my clients. I want every single one of my clients to leave my studio feeling relaxed, worthwhile, and elegant. I strive to provide a personalized and inclusive experience, helping my clients put their best foot forward as they strive for success.


Beyond everyday work with clients, I would like to develop partnerships with makeup companies. I hope to one day be involved in editorial and runway work.

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